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Sleds for Work and Family Fun

Catalog of all Boggans (PDF File)

Our Most Popular Hitches

Heavy Duty Universal Hitch will fit either round or 

square tube bumpers:  $25


This hitch attaches to both the tunnel and the bumper for towing heavier loads (AU-KX12107):  $35

Hitch for mounting to tunnel and bumper (AU-KX121071)  $35

Other Hitch Models



  • Folds as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Expanded metal footboard
  • Full Swivel tension hitch
  • Cargo area:  Length 45.25", Width 24.5", Length folded: 57.5"
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Sturdy constructed with all steel frame, sidewalls, and back.
  • UPS Shippable
  • Snow Deflector on Tongue
Fold-A-Sled (AU-AE8100) $395
Replacement Tongue (AU-AE8130) $69
Replacement Ski for Fold-A-Sled (AU-CP82033) $48


These tubs feature a steel spring-loaded, shock-absorbing hitch; are constructed of a durable polyethylene, with molded tongue attachment points.  Waterproof, with ribbed bottom for excellent tracking.  Rope may be attached for hand towing.  Extension Tub Side Rails will increase your hauling capacity.  UPS shippable, extra UPS charge on the large tub.

Trailer Kit:: 1 7/8" ball coupler, large knobby tires provide excellent floatation, just pull a pin and trailer tilts to a steep dumping angle.  Trailer includes beefy 1 1/4" steel axle, 1" hubs and large 8" ATV tires, durable powder coated finish.

  Flat shipping charge in lower 48 states (all three Snow Tubs) $50
AU-PY2233 Small Tub Sled (48" L x 20" W x 8" D) $115
AU-PY2030 Medium Tub (53" L x 25" W x 10" D) $165
OS-PY2030COV Canvas cover for Medium Tub $65
AU-PY2060 Large Tub (59" L x 30" W x 13" D) (extra UPS charge) $240
AU-CP0065 Large Tub Side Rails $130
AU-AE8130 Shock Absorbing Hitch $69
AU-CP0070 Trailer Wheel Kit for the tubs $450
Runners for protection of the tub - set of two $45


Boggan's General Information

Hitches on the following sleds are built strong for all conditions.  Hitch pivot points are located on the side of the sled, preventing fishtailing and plowing.
Optional polyethylene runners protect your Boggan and make it track better.  The runners are available in 1" and 2" widths.
All Boggan metal components are powder coated for lustrous durability, longevity, and rust-resistance. Snow Rover is the only Boggan which is UPS shippable, all other models are truck shipped due to size limitations..










Body Colors:   Black

Nordic Length: 72"  Width: 22"  Depth: 10"
Nordic Boggan with Hitch (all colors) $195
Canvas Cover $75
Nordic Boggan with Rope (Lynx, all colors) $150


Trail Boggan Length: 93"  Width: 26"  Depth: 12"
Trail Boggan with Hitch (all colors) $435
Trail Boggan with 1" Polyethylene Runners $485
Trail Boggan with 2" Polyethylene Runners $550
Hood Canopy $135
Canvas Cover $95
Replacement Runner 1" with Hardware $38
Replacement Runner 2" with Hardware $50

Polar Boggan Length: 72"  Width: 30"   Depth: 9"
Polar Boggan with Hitch (all colors) $285
Canvas Cover $78


Polar Plus Length: 72"  Width: 30"  Depth: 12"
Polar Plus with Hitch (all colors) $350
Polar Plus with 1" runners, black $460
Canvas Cover $78
Replacement Runner 1" with Hardware $38


*Note:  The Brute is the bottom part of the rescue sled.  To view details of the rescue boggan please refer to

Brute Length: 96"  Width: 35"  Depth: 16 1/2"
Brute with three 2" Runners (all colors) $850
Replacement 2" Runner with Hardware $70
Brute with Skis and new wishbone suspension $2195
Front Canopy (all colors) $280
Canvas Cover, Titon Black $115
Replacement 2" Runner with hardware (need 3) $68

Artic Boggan Length: 100"  Width: 33"   Depth: 9"
Artic Boggan $825
Artic Boggan without Rails $775
Replacement Runner with Hardware, Single $40
Artic Cover $115


Big Boggan Length: 106"  Width: 36"   Depth: 15 1/2"
Big Boggan $1050
Big Boggan without Rails $925
Industrial Big Boggan with rails $1550
Industrial Big Boggan without rails $1450
Replacement 2" Runner with Hardware $75
Canvas Cover $140


Big Extra Boggan (Heavier Duty Big Boggan) Length: 106"  Width: 36"   Depth: 15 1/2"
Big Extra Boggan $1250
Big Extra Boggan without Rails $1150
Industrial Big Extra Boggan with rails $1850
Industrial Big Extra Boggan (Cargo Rails Not Included) $1750
Replacement 2" Runner with Hardware $75
Canvas Cover $140


Super Boggan Length: 107.5"  Width: 37"   Depth: 25"
Super Boggan $1350
Super Boggan without rails $1250
Industrial Super Boggan with rails $1750
Industrial Super Boggan without rails $1650
Canvas Cover $140
Replacement 2" Runner with Hardware $75

Snow Rover Length: 70"  Width: 22"   Depth: 4"
Snow Rover with Hitch, Black $180
Snow Rover with Rope (all colors) $140
Canvas Cover $75


Tundra Length: 72"  Width: 30"   Depth: 9"
Tundra with Rope (all colors) $250


Tracker Length: 72"  Width: 30"   Depth: 12"
Tracker with Rope (all colors) $275